Colombo Luxury Apartments – Capitol TwinPeaks Level 50

Level 50 Map Legend
  • 1 Zen Garden
  • 2 Outdoor Dining
  • 3 Outdoor Bar
  • 4 Private Dining Area
  • 5 Lantern Bridge
  • 6 Skyhill Top Lounge
  • 7 Lantern Court
  • 8 F&B Space
  • 9 Sky Dining
  • 10 Sky Lounge

Unwind after a long day’s work with a reinvigorating cocktail under the stars at the Sky Lounge. Find your balance within the tranquillity of the beautifully sculpted Zen Garden, as you feel the soft grass caress your feet. Take a relaxing stroll along the Lantern Bridge or share a tasty morsel with family and friends at our sunset bar and alfresco dining venues. As a purely residential complex, Capitol TwinPeaks grants the residents of its Colombo luxury apartments exclusive access to an abundance of recreational facilities, which complement the chic lifestyle of the modern urbanite.

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