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Known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a magical island offering vibrant experiences, cultural heritage, diverse ethnic communities, delectable cuisines, and millennia worth of history. All of this on a unique landscape of highlands, lowlands, jungles, nature reserves, wildlife, beach towns, a cosmopolitan capital city, temples, other places of worship and a plethora of tourist attractions. On a total land area of 65,610 square kilometers, Sri Lanka is all about the experience and is a beautiful place to call home.

Why Sri Lanka

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your home. your paradise.

Sri Lanka’s geographic location and deep harbours have made it of great strategic importance. The island is situated at the crossroads of major shipping routes to South Asia, the Far East and the continents of Europe and America, making the country a convenient port of call for shipping lines and airfreight services. The capital city of Colombo is growing at a rapid pace and urbanization currently at 18% is expected to reach 30% by 2030. Urbanization together with ongoing developments continue to attract foreign investments and land within the city is being utilized to support this fast growing nation. After the introduction of the Colombo Port City project, a $15 billion investment, Sri Lanka is recognized as the next Financial Hub in South East Asia.Similar to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and Singapore, Colombo will soon be a booming cosmopolitan city and land within the city boundaries is one of the most valuable assets one can own.

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